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"At Grabow Hand to Shoulder Center, our goal is

 to provide prompt, high quality medical care to

the injured employee and give the employer the

information they need to return employees to

work quickly and safely."

Dr.Grabow is committed to delivering the highest level of quality care to every patient with every visit.  You can expect Dr.Grabow and his medical team to meet your highest standards for medical excellence. 

Understanding the unique needs of injured workers, their employers, case managers, and adjusters, Dr.Grabow provides a Comprehensive Workers' Compensation Care Program that focuses on four key elements: Access, Communication, Expert Care, and Staged Work Return.


Quick Access for Evaluation & Treatment

Dr.Grabow will see an injured employee within 24 to 72 hours after an injury. He has same day appointments in his schedule to provide medical care for the acutely injured employee. With both Henderson and Southwest office locations, access to medical care is only a short drive away.


After completing the Access request form, all workers compensation professionals are provided a private email address for immediate access to Dr.Grabow and his team to avoid  unnecessary phone messages or delays in your communication.

Efficient & Effective Communication


When an employee is injured, the employer needs information fast.  Dr.Grabow will complete a detailed Upper Extremity Injury Physician's Progress Report form and will fax and email the Information to the employer and insurance adjuster each time an injured employee is seen.


Additionally, for fast, easy access and download capability, all PPRs as well as all other patient documentation, progress notes, hospital consultations, operative reports, and diagnostic stuides generated by Dr.Grabow will be posted securely online in the injured employee's password protected Workers' Compensation Patient Folder.


You can expect to receive the same timely information after each patient's visit regardless of the office location where the injured employee is seen. Dr.Grabow has a dedicated team of office staff available to help answer questions and maintain individual relationships with adjusters and nurse case managers to ensure the needs of your injured workers are addressed promptly.


At the Grabow Hand to Shoulder Center, all patients receive individualized care and have ample time to ask questions and receive explanations regarding their diagnosis and treatment options. In order to ensure the patient plays an active role in his or her care, Dr.Grabow dedicates a significant amount of every office visit to the education of his patients regarding their diagnosis and treatment plan. Every patient is provided a Patient Education Prescripiton at the end of the visit, so that they may further review the information Dr.Grabow has provided. This not only increases patient satisfaction but also compliance with their care.

Expert Care for All Workers


Dr. Grabow is a Hand & Upper extremity specialist who underwent specialized fellowship training to focus on the complexities of injuries and treatments for the Hand, Wrist, Forearm, Elbow, and Shoulder. Unlike some general surgery hand surgeons who have only 1 year of training in caring for the hand, Dr.Grabow completed a 5 year residency at one of the top residency programs in the country with dedicated training in Orthopedic Hand and Upper Extremity Care every year, including trauma care for Hand to Shoulder injuries at the only Level I trauma center in Cleveland and the surrounding counties in Ohio.

Dr.Grabow does not need gimmicks or misleading ads to get business. He provides efficient, expert,  literature-based care to all his patients and has a loyal referral network of patients and primary care physicians because of the quality service he provides. Your injured workers will receive this same personalized expert care that has earned Dr.Grabow his reputation as a throrough, skilled, and compassionate surgon.


Dr.Grabow is available to meet with employers and tour workplaces to learn more about the type of jobs performed and to provide recommendations on injury prevention and job safety based on the latest OHSHA recommendations and his unique expertise as a specialist in the Hand & Upper Extremity. These types of visits enable him to better direct an employee's post-injury care, work restrictions, and return to full duty.


Dr.Grabow's goal is to provide high quality, personalized, education based care to all his patients. The injured worker is no exception!

Staged Work Return Regimen


Quickly returning an injured worker to the workplace is in everyone's best interest. Most employee's benefit more from restricted work activities rather than full time off, due to the psychological and physical benefits of on-the-job activities. Additionally, in many circumstances manual labor, especially when it involves the hands and wrists, is incorporated into the therapy regimen to improve a patient's hand and wrist function. Dr.Grabow, works with each employee and adjuster or case manager to find creative ways to return the employee to work that will maximize function and minimize time to full active duty.


We are compiling on-line Employer Work Profiles detailing specific return-to-work policies, communication information and individual standards for each employer to facilitate the employee's return to the workplace.


Dr.Grabow's goal is not simply to return the injured patient back to work, but to help them avoid future injuries or a relapse of their problem in the future. To this end he further educates his patients in proper ergonomics and workplace safety and provides extensive online educational resources to his patients, their adjusters and case managers, and employers as well. To access the online Ergonomic and Workplace Safety Center please complete the access request form.

Adjusters & Case Managers: To gain access to your online patient folders please fill out the Access Request form to receive a username and password. You may request a specific name and password by including it in the message of your form.

Current Claims: If Dr.Grabow has recently treated your patient in the hospital or has seen the patient in the office the patient's Workers' Compensation Patient Folder has already been created. Please complete the access request form and indicate your patient's name and claim number. Your username, password, and instructions on accessing their online folder will be provided.


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