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Primary care and emergency physicians, nurses, therapists, and claims adjusters will find this section of the site personally designed to suit their individual needs.  Services provided include:
  • online referral system - fast and easy referrals without the headaches
  • treatment recommendations for common hand and upper extremity problems
  • emergency care for hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries
  • wound care recommendations and suture techniques
  • hand emergencies  - what to look for
  • therapy protocols
  • hospital wound care instructions
  • post-op protocols with  multimedia  demonstrations


In order to provide unrestricted content, these sections are password protected.  To obtain an access code please register.


In order to access your section of this site for post-op protocols and instructional photos and video please use the access code provided in the patient's orders.  If you are having difficulties, contact Dr.Grabow at 702.433.9533.


Last updated 9/12/08

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