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Elevation Pillow Technique

 If you were given an elevation pillow at the hospital or are a nurse in the hospital trying to figure out how to position the patient's arm this section was created just for you.  The goal of elevation is to help reduce swelling which will help reduce pain.  Either method of positioning the pillow is appropriate to elevate the hand or wrist, but if you are trying to elevate the elbow Method 2 is the most appropriate.  If you still have questions do not hesitate to call my office. My patient's comfort is as important to me as it is to you.

 Dr. Grabow


DIRECTIONS: Have the pillow sitting upright like the letter "A".  Place your elbow on the surface the pillow is resting on and loosely strap the forearm and hand/wrist to the pillow. This will keep your hand/wrist elevated while you are sleeping and is much less likely to fall over once you fall asleep.



DIRECTIONS: Lay the pillow on its side as if it were the letter "A" on its side.  Lay your hand/wrist on the pillow so that it is positioned above the level of your heart while you are laying down. Secure it with the straps loosely.

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