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Warehouse Personnel

Fig. 2: Use of a forklift raises the height of the boxes.
Fig. 11: Triple slotting. Fig. 1: Bending required to reach boxes.
Fig. 3: Selector reaching with a load in hand.


An outstanding resource for the public provided by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).  This resource provides stand-alone interactive, web-based information targeting specific industries as well as generalized ergonomic hazards. Use the links below for a specific area of interest or follow this link for the main page.


Developed for grocery warehousing personnel, this module presents excellent recommendations for any individual working in a warehouse setting. 

Solutions for Hand Intensive Work

An outstanding resource targeting methods to reduce the trauma associated with the hand-intensive work duties of construction workers to help prevent jobsite injuries.


ONLINE Resources

The current OSHA rules on workplace safety. 

Recent ruling on Employer requirement to pay for OSHA recommended safety equipment.

A guide created for Employers to help train their employees on the proper use of personal protective equipment. It covers what you need to wear, when you need to wear it, and its proper use and maintenance.  

Personal Protective Equipment: OSHA Standards

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