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 Physician Referrals Made Easy!



For a busy physician's office, placing referrals can sometimes be a daunting task.

Busy phone lines, Uncooperative Fax machines, or Waiting for a returned call are common events.

All can make placing referrals a frustrating process for the office staff!

In order to facilitate the referral process doctor's offices have three options to place a referral:

Option 1: Online Referral Request

A fast and convenient way to send your referrals in seconds. Complete the online referral request form below and hit submit. Verification of receipt of your request will be sent via email. Once an appointment is scheduled for your patient, you will receive confirmation via email.  If we encounter difficulty in contacting or scheduling your patient, we will inform you of this as well.

Option 2: Fax

If you prefer paper communication, print out our FastFax Referral form, complete the required information and fax.  We receive faxes 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.  You will receive verification of our receipt of your referral and once an appointment is scheduled you will receive confirmation as well.

Option 3: Telephone

For urgent referrals that need to be seen within 24 - 48hrs please call Dr.Grabow's referral line. You will be connected directly to Dr.Grabow's Team or to Dr.Grabow himself to ensure quick and efficient service.


Last updated 6.01.09


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Please note: We will not be able to respond to emails regarding personal health issues and cannot give medical advice without an examination. If you have an urgent need please call our office 702.433.9533, DO NOT use this contact form.

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