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Worker's Compensation



"At Grabow Hand to Shoulder Center, my goal is to

provide prompt, high quality medical care to the

injured employee and give the employer the

information they need to return employees to work

quickly and safely."




Understanding the unique needs of injured workers, their employers, case managers, and adjusters, Dr.Grabow provides a Comprehensive Care Workers' Compensation Program that focuses on four key elements: Access, Communication, Consistency, and Caring.


Quick Access for Evaluation & Treatment

Dr.Grabow will see an injured employee within 24 to 72 hours after an injury. He has same day appointments in his schedule to provide medical care for the acutely injured employee. With both Henderson and Southwest office locations, access to medical care is only a short drive away.

Efficient & Effective Communication

When an employee is injured, the employer needs information fast.  Dr.Grabow will complete a detailed Upper Extremity Injury Report form and also fax and email the information to the employer and insurance adjuster each time an injured employee is seen.

Additionally, for fast, easy access and download capability, this form will be posted securely online in the password protected Claims Adjuster's Patient Folder. This form will be a clean, legible pdf document.  If an employee is unable to return to normal duties, the Upper Extremity Injury Report will outline the return-to-work restrictions so an employee can perform modified work while the injury heals.

Consistent Care for All Workers

You can expect to receive the same timely information after each patient's visit regardless of the office location where the injured employee is seen. Dr.Grabow has a dedicated team of office staff available to help answer questions and maintain individual customer relationships. We offer on-line Employer Work Profiles detailing specific return-to-work policies, communication information and individual standards for each employer.

Dr.Grabow is available to meet with employers and tour workplaces to learn more about the type of jobs performed. This enables him to better direct an employee's post-injury care, work restrictions, and return to full duty.

Dr.Grabow is committed to delivering the highest level of quality care to every patient with every visit. You can expect Dr.Grabow and his medical team to meet your highest standards for medical excellence.

Last Update 9/22/08
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