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One of the greatest thrills of being a surgeon is knowing that you helped relieve someone's pain, or restored function after an injury or problem has negatively affected the ability to enjoy life. Although it may not seem like much to you, a simple "thanks doc" really does mean the world to me.

For many reasons some patients feel the need to do more.  They may feel especially grateful for the service they have received or they may simply feel compelled to share their experiences with others who may be facing the same injury or contemplating treatment for the same problem.

All of the testimonials found here are from actual patients.  For privacy reasons, only first names have been listed. Would you like to share your experience.

"The Greatest Honor you can bestow a surgeon is to refer

your family or friends!"


Our patient had bilateral dupuytrens contracture that limited his full hand function. He was very pleased with the results and his quick return to activity.

 Dear Dr. Grabow,

I would like to thank you again for the wonderful procedure "Needle Aponeurotomy" you did on both of my hands regarding my problem with Dupuytrens. The results are fantastic. I would recommend you and this procedure highly. Again thank you.

Your patient and friend,

Frankie Avalon

Mr. Stevens was suffering from a very difficult problem called Dupuytrens Contracture which caused his hand to contract involuntarily. He had seen other hand surgeons who only offered an extensive open hand surgery to treat his problem. As the only surgeon in Nevada trained in the procedure, Dr. Grabow was able to treat his hand without surgery with NEEDLE APONEUROTOMY.

Dear Dr. Grabow,

It has been three weeks since you completed the Needle Aponeurotomy procedure on my hands.  I am completely satisfied with the results, as they have exceeded my expectations. Therefore, I am compelled to render my sincere appreciation and gratitude for a job well done.

Several years ago, when I was first diagnosed with Dupuytren's Contracture, the orthopedic surgeon I had contacted indicated to me that I had limited options on treating this condition. His only recommendation was surgery, but he informed me that there were no guarantees that the disease would not return. Due to the trauma that surgery would cause to my hands, and the extensive therapy that would be needed following the surgery, he recommended that I wait until my fingers were so contracted that I could no longer use them effectively before I consider having the damage repaired. This diagnosis gave me little hope that my hands could ever be normal again.

Frustrated, I began my own research on Dupuytren's Contracture via the internet and was surprised to find out that there was another option available. I discovered that a procedure called "Needle Aponeurotomy" could be performed in an "out patient" environment, with much less trauma to the hands, less possible nerve damage, less pain, and would not require extensive physical therapy. I truly believed that this was the option for me.   

I also discovered that this procedure had been performed successfully in Europe for decades with amazing results, but very few orthopedic surgeons in the United States were providing Needle Aponeurotomy as an option.  Even though this procedure might not always replace traditional surgery, I still believed that I would be a good candidate.  My mission to find the right "professional", with the knowledge, skill and ability to perform this procedure, led me to Dr. Ryan J. Grabow and the Dupuytren's Clinic of Nevada.

The rest is history. Dr. Grabow, your skill as an Orthopedic Surgeon, your knowledge of the disease, your understanding of the anatomy of the hand, and your training in the performance of this procedure produced excellent results. My fingers are straight again for the first time in many years, the natural flexibility of my hands and fingers has returned, and my palms no longer feel hard and calloused. I am further convinced that any tell-tale signs that I ever had the disease will soon be gone completely.

I would recommend the "needle" procedure over surgery to anyone who suffers with Dupuytren's Contracture, and I would recommend you and your clinic to anyone seeking a positive experience and wonderful results. Kudos also for choosing "Las Vegas" as your location in which to practice and perform your talents.  Bravo and thank you again.                
With Great Respect,

Randall Stevens, Littleton Colorado

 Mary had a traumatic injury that required extensive surgery.  She appreciated not only Dr.Grabow's skill, but his gentle bedside manner that is so important to the healing process.

If you are searching for a Hand to Shoulder Orthopedic Surgeon, you need not look any further. Speaking from experience, Dr.Grabow is one of the most skilled, kind, through and patient doctor's that I have had the pleasure to meet.  During a most traumatic time for me, he walked into my hospital room and I immediately knew I was going to be alright. I will be forever grateful to Doctor Grabow's skills as a surgeon but also will never forget his kindness as a man.

Thank you Doctor Grabow,

Mary Cook

Paula is a new resident of Las Vegas and was looking for the same highly trained and compassionate physicians she was used to seeing in New York City. She found one in Dr.Grabow and appreciated his conservative approach and commitment to education.


Dr. Grabow has been my doctor since last December. It was through an emergency visit to Saint Rose Hospital that I was referred to him. As a native New Yorker I was very concerned about the medical care in Las Vegas, especially since I was told by the hospital that I had a dislocated shoulder. With great hesitation I went to Dr. Grabow for a follow up consultation. From the first visit, I could tell that I was in good hands. My biggest fear was having unnecessary surgery and a doctor that doesn't take the time to explain all my options. It turned out that not only did he take the time to explain everything to me but he is also very conservative when it comes to surgery. His care and concern for his patients goes above and beyond other doctors that I have been to in Las Vegas. As a new resident to the Las Vegas area I highly recommend and trust him immensely.
From a Grateful Patient,
Paula B.

Sheila suffered a bad fracture of her wrist with exposed bone and multiple fragments. She was grateful Dr.Grabow was on call and could put her complex fracture back together.

 I knew I was in trouble when I broke my arm, but I didn't know how much until I saw the blood coming out of my arm.  The 911 response was fast, the service in the emergency room was also.  I wasn't lucky when I broke my arm, but I was to have Dr. Grabow on call that night.  What can I say, he's the best, not only as a surgeon but as a person, who is concerned about his patients, takes time with them and above all, listens. I wish him all the best in his new practice and I'm sad that, because of insurance, I cannot see him now. Only one thing better than praise from patients, is praise from his peers.  The Doctor I have now said to me that Dr. Grabow did a miraculous job of surgery on my arm, his comment was, "Sort of like putting Humpty Dumpty together again".  I thank God for Dr. Grabow every day.

Sheila Y.
Henderson , NV

 John had a shoulder blade problem that was causing him problems for years. He had seen several local surgeons for care but no one was able to help. Dr.Grabow didn't give up. With some simple tests he diagnosed the problem and recommended the surgery to fix i

Prior to finding Dr. Grabow I suffered for years with a shoulder problem and had constant pain in
my shoulder, neck and arm.  I saw several other orthopedic surgeons, and none of them could correctly diagnose my condition.  But then another doctor recommended that I see Dr. Grabow, as he has a reputation for solving difficult cases.  Dr. Grabow correctly diagnosed my problem and fixed my shoulder blade with outpatient surgery.  I hate to think about what my life would be like if I didn't find Dr Grabow.  Instead of constant suffering I am now back to living a pain free life. 


Thank you Dr. Grabow!

John B.

Las Vegas, NV

Freddie B. had a very complex fracture that was treated successfully by Dr.Grabow restoring her function and relieving her pain. She was very pleased with his concern for her well being and close follow up.

Dr.Grabow was truly a Godsend to me!. I had an accidental fall at home and broke my arm. I went to the emergency room where after immediate attention was told I would need a doctor. I could not find a doctor who would treat me, but one, after looking a my xrays, suggested I see Dr.Grabow.

Without hesitation Dr.Grabow saw me. He determined that a complicated surgery was requried because of the severity of the brake.  The surgery, which was performed, lasted for more than five hours.

As a senior citizen, the results were better than could have been expected.  Now, 10 months later, I have almost complete motion of my arm, due in no small part to Dr.Grabow's skill as a surgeon.

Dr.Grabow actively participated in my recovery.  He insisted upon my receiving the best rehabilitative services available and scheduled regular follow-up visits at his office to monitor my progress. Dr.Grabow is a professional and a perfectionsit who takes pride in his work. He shows genuine care and concern for his patients.

I thank God for him and I thank Dr.Grabow for what he has done for me.

August 5, 2006

 Keith K. had a tendon laceration that affected his ability to use his arm. After successful surgery and rehabilitation he is back to work without any problems.
 Adrienne K. had her first broken bone at the age of 50. She had fallen and had a bad fracture of her elbow that involved the joint. After successful joint surgery to fix her fracture and close involvement with therapy, she recovered well. Although this was her first fracture she felt at ease throughout the experience.

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