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Operation Rebound







In 2004, the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) recognized a critical need among the brave members of our armed forces returning from Afghanistan and Iraq who had suffered permanent disabilities – such as an amputation -- in combat. That need was for mentoring and community with athletes who had prevailed over similar circumstances and shared similar experiences. It became part of CAF’s mission to help show injured soldiers that they could be “whole” again through participation in sports – at any level.

The goal of Operation Rebound is to create a valuable resource that these soldiers and veterans can use after they return home – or to their home base.

Operation Rebound is here to help them meet their athletic goals, whether it’s finishing their local 5K – or trying to make it to the Paralympics.

By making a donation towards the Operation Rebound fundraising goal you will directly help an injured soldier in need.

CAF's Operation Rebound (OR) provides unparalleled sports opportunities and support to our troops and veterans (past and present) of any branch of service and first responders such as law enforcement and firefighters who have served honorably and have suffered permanent physical injuries.

Operation Rebound provides support to injured service men and women through the following means:

  • Grants for equipment, training, coaching, and travel to injured service people who want to become whole through sports.
  •  Military Medical Center Physical Training Program (MMCPT) that provides a structured physical training program for active duty service members who are continuing treatments and recovering from permanent physical injuries at military medical centers.
  • Sports Clinics designed to introduce challenged athletes to all types of sports like bicycling, handcycling, running, swimming, basketball and many others.
  • Build Community through an on-line forum to connect with fellow wounded service members and their families.




Dr. Grabow is participating in the 2010 Silverman Operation Rebound Sprint Triathalon to help raise awareness and funds for the Operation Rebound program and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Unlike some of our current political leaders who believe America owes the world an apology, Dr. Grabow is proud of America and the brave men and women who defend our freedom and fight for the rights of all people to live in a free society!

Unfortunately, many of our soldiers pay a great price for their service, losing arms and legs in their defense of freedom.

All of us who benefit from their strength, discipline, and courage must do our part to honor their sacrifice and help them to once again enjoy the American dream they helped to protect and defend.

Dr. Grabow has created "TEAM GRABOW" for all those interested in helping our injured soldiers.  Donations can be anonymous or public and can be done online, through the mail, or in person.

It is a difficult time for our economy right now and it is understandable that many may not be able to give.  If you would like to provide words of encouragement or thanks to the injured soldiers participating in this year's triathalon please email your messages to this address: operationrebound@doctorgrabow.com.  Letters and cards for the athletes can also be sent to us or dropped off at our office. Dr. Grabow will personally deliver them to the athletes at the dinner the night before the race.

We appreciate any help you can provide to this good cause.

The Grabow Hand to Shoulder Center Staff


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 Dr. Grabow is thankful for the support of his wife, staff, vendors, patients, and other individuals who have committed to helping TEAM GRABOW and Dr. Grabow prepare for the upcoming Silverman Half Triathlon. Like any large endeavor it takes several people to make this fundraising effort successful and to help Dr. Grabow prepare for the triathlon. We would like to thank the following individuals who are an integral part of TEAM GRABOW in helping make this event a success.
Dr. Andrei Razadin, D. C - Advanced Occupational Health Centers

Dr. Razadin provides chiropractic care patients throughout Las Vegas and is a great supporter of our armed forces. He supports our troops in numerous ways including travelling to one of returning aircraft carriers to provide free chiropractic care to our returning soldiers.  Andrei has been instrumental in keeping Dr. Grabow on track for his upcoming triathlon. He was recently sidelined by intense sacroiliac joint pain that threatened to pull him out of the event. Thanks to Dr. Razadin, Dr. Grabow's pain was resolved and he is back to running in preparation for the event. While some orthopedic surgeons discount chiropractic care as valid or beneficial, Dr. Grabow truly believes in a TEAM APPROACH to medical care and is thankful experts like Dr. Razadin are part of his team. Click on the logo or image below to learn more about Dr. Razadin and the Advanced Occupational Health Centers.

Andrei Razsadin D. C.; QME, IME


Dr. Grabow and the Challenged Athletes Foundatioin are grateful for the generous support of Touch Bionics for the Operation Rebound program.  Touch Bionics is the premiere developer of upper extremity bionic limbs and has had a profound effect on the lives of patients who have suffered amputations of the upper limb.  One of the two products now commercially available from the company, the i-LIMB Hand, is a first-to-market prosthetic device with five individually powered digits. Please visit their website to see photos and videos of their amazing products.

 Advanced Orthotics and Prosthetics and All Medical, Inc. 

Tony, Justin, and Ryan Gorgon have been longtime supporters of Nevada's amputees and have worked to keep them moving in any way possible. Team Grabow and the Operation Rebound Athletes are grateful for their support and assistance for this year's event.

Advanced Arm Dynamics is the nation’s leading provider of upper-extremity prostheses working with thousands of patients across the world. Our Centers of Excellence offer a comprehensive approach to patient care, providing advanced technology to improve prosthetic function and comfort, psychological counseling and insurance assistance services. In addition, our patient-to-patient mentoring program offers patients the choice to receive support and guidance from peers during and following their rehabilitation. Advanced Arm Dynamics brings industry experience combined with compassion and a commitment to enhance the lives of upper-extremity amputees. In partnership with patients, their family members and caregivers – Advanced Arm Dynamics makes “life within reach” for upper-extremity patients worldwide. Team Grabow and the Operation Rebound athletes are thankful for their support and assistance and look forward to their continued advancements in the field of upper extremity prosthetics.

 Denham Orthotics and Prosthetics

Dave Denham and his prosthetist Dave Kovach are commited to keeping Nevada's challenged athletes active and in the game. We are so thankful for their support of Team Grabow and the Operation Rebound program.
 Orthopedic foot and ankle institute
    Dr. Sibel is a true lower extremity specialist including complex trauma and diabetic foot conditions. Dr. Sibel does perform lower extremity amputations when absolutely necessary and is committed to helping his patients achieve active lives after amputation.

His support of Team Grabow and financial assistance to Operation Rebound program is greatly appreciated and truly a demonstration of his patients not only medically but in their lives as well.
 With their commitment to patients with all forms of physical therapy needs, the team at Select Therapy jumped at the chance to help provide financial assistance to Operation Rebound.
 Athleticare Physical Therapy & Sports Performance
 The folks at Athleticare were excited to join in our fundraising effort for Operation Rebound. They not only serve our community's physical therapy needs including amputees, but they are also dedicated to helping the Henderson and Las Vegas communites maximize their sports performance. Thanks for your support.

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